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The “Perfect Peel” by Derma

The Perfect Derma™ Peel earned a spot as one of ABC News’ Top 3 New Anti-Aging Products. Because it lives up to its promise. It provides healthy, ageless skin for all skin types and ethnicities. Furthermore, it stands out as the only medical-grade chemical peel. That includes Glutathione, the ultimate antioxidant known for its powerful skin-lightening and anti-aging benefits.

Procedure Overview

It is a cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance and texture of the skin. It involves applying a chemical solution to the skin. As an outer layer of the skin to exfoliate and eventually peel off.  Firstly, the procedure starts with cleansing the skin. Then apply the solution evenly to the skin. However, individuals may experience a tingling sensation. Finally, after the desired amount of time, we neutralize or wash off the solution.

Perfect Peel - Before and After Transformation

Procedure Benefits

In fact, the process stimulates skin regeneration and reveals smoother, clearer, and youthful-looking skin underneath. Similarly, individuals achieve more even-toned skin with reduced signs of aging and sun damage. They can also improve acne and acne scars. Based on your skin type and specific concerns. Our expert aesthetician will provide you guidance on pre and post-peel care to optimize results and minimize potential side effects. 

Perfect Peel - Downtime and Recovery

The Perfect Peel can deliver amazing results with only 7 days of downtime. After application, the following two days you may feel tight. Day 3 is when the peeling begins. It usually starts around the mouth and nose and will continue until about day 6. On day 7, you may experience some sloughing of the skin but the peeling process is usually complete.

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Additionally, we will provide you with post-care instructions during your visit. As well as a FREE post-care kit that includes an SPF 30 and post-peel moisturizer. We strongly recommend a minimum of 3 treatments for best results. To inquire more about the procedure and pricing details contact us or call at 727-868-4490.

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