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Plastic Surgery Specials

Explore current available plastic surgery specials and discounts. Not only but also, discover the best deals and promotional offers for plastic surgery treatments. Additionally, you can have comprehensive plastic surgery discounts as a package deal for multiple treatments. Nevertheless, the patient coordinator will assist you to save on bundled services.



Special Offer

Perfect Peel



Morpheus (Face and Neck)

1x Treatment $1300

3x Treatments for $3000

Microneedling (Full Face)



Plastic Surgery Specials - Procedure Pricing

Not to mention, stay updated with the EPS (a division of IBI Healthcare Institute) plastic surgery specials. Such as cosmetic, aesthetics, and med spa procedures and treatments. On the other hand, if you have specific questions about combining multiple treatments. Instead, contact us to start your transformative.



Special Offer

Drainless Tummy Tuck

Starts at $9932


Breast Lift

Starts at $7499


Upper Blepharoplasty (under local)

Starts at $4870


Breast Augmentation

Starts at $7175


Thigh Lift

Starts at $7497



Starts at $6610


Lower Body Lift

Starts at $15466


Breast Reduction

Starts at $8520


Gynecomastia Surgery

Starts at $6689


Croton Oil Peel (Full Face)

Starts at $5524


Breast Lift with Auto-Augmentation

Starts at $8647.50


Facial Fat Grafting (with Liposuction to Harvest Included)

Starts at $6050


Liposuction of Abdomen and Flanks

Starts at $6059.50


Plastic Surgery Specials - Before and After Gallery

Plastic Surgery Specials

Plastic Surgery Specials - Flash Sales

To put it differently, as a part of our plastic surgery specials. Occasionally, we also run flash sales and promotions during specific seasons or holidays. Correspondingly the promotional campaigns. are only a limited-time offer. However, flash sales may subject to change after the end of specific campaigns. The plastic surgery specials not limited to only a few procedures.

Similarly, we offer package deals even for Semgaglutide Skinny Shots and IV Therapy treatment. Moreover, bundled procedures may offer cost savings when combining multiple treatments. In fact, the next promotional campaign will start on Memorial Day 2024. 

Plastic Surgery Specials - Cash or Debit Card Discount

In this case, you will be eligible for the cash discount. Even so, you pay in full 2 weeks before surgery with a cash or debit card.

 Note: Also, the surgery must be $5,000 or more. Regardless, you cannot combine it with other discounts. In addition, the discount won’t apply to financing options (CareCredit, Prosper Lending, or Patient Fi).

Plastic Surgery Specials - Travel Discount

Another key point, if you don’t live in the Tampa Bay or Trinity area. Then again we have a special plastic surgery discount for you. Particularly, travelling from a distance to have surgery with us. Although, a valid driver’s license required to determine distance.

Note: In other words, the surgery must be $5,000 or more. Likewise, you cannot combine it with other discounts.

However, travel discounts won’t apply to financing (CareCredit, Prosper Lending, or Patient Fi).

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To inquire further about travel discounts, and savings opportunities for popular plastic surgery procedures. Call us at (727) 868-4490 or schedule your consultation for more details. Above all, our surgeons will ensure personalized treatment planning with lasting results.

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