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Breast Augmentation

Considering breast augmentation surgery for some time, why wait?

Our surgeons are well-known throughout Florida. As an experienced, highly skilled, and caring surgeon who produces exceptional results. Nevertheless, Dr. Eberbach is in the top 1% in South Florida for breast augmentations performing over 330 a year.

Additionally, at your consultation, with the Eberbach Plastic Surgery team. The surgeons and the patient coordinator will guide you making it enjoyable and easy. Certainly. they will spend time with you to ensure you get your dream result. Similarly, your only job is to help teach them what you are looking for.

Breast Augmentation - Breast Implants

Breast augmentation surgery increases or restores the size of a woman’s breasts using silicone gel implants or saline implants.
Specifically, the surgery takes only 30 minutes and delivers beautiful, natural results. Not only will you be able to see a vast array of before and after photos. But you will also be able to see a 3D Portrait Simulation of yourself.

As a matter of fact, in a few minutes Portrait 3D recreates your body in photorealistic 3D. Allowing our surgeons to portray the outcome of your breast augmentation procedure. Above all, Dr. Eberbach and Dr. Tamer can show you different types of implants, different sizes, and shapes. To ensure you get the look you desire.

When to Consider Breast Augmentation

  • If you desire fuller or larger breasts.

  • If you want a better-proportioned or more appealing figure.

  • To restore symmetry if one of your breasts is smaller than the other.

  • When pregnancy, weight loss, or aging has affected the size and shape of your breasts.

Which Implant Size Should I Choose?

Saline vs. Silicone? Should I get a C or D cup? Which implant to choose from? Take a deep breath, indeed, we know it can be overwhelming with all the information that’s out there. Don’t worry, you do not need to know everything there is to know about breast augmentation. Likewise, your only job is to communicate with our surgeons about your procedure goals. Later, it’s our job to figure out how to get you there.

We will go over all the basics with you. You will get to feel real implants and look at hundreds of photos of actual patients. Besides this, you can try our 3D Vectra imaging machine. We can help guide each patient on which implant will give them the results they desire.

Saline or Silicone?

There are two types of implants, one is saline (saltwater) and the other is silicone gel (memory gel). The saline implant has more of a firmer feel and the silicone gel resembles more natural breast tissue.

Most patients feel that silicone delivers a more natural look and feel. Both types of implants FDA-approved and have a silicone shell. However, the difference lies in the filler material used. About 99% of the patients at Eberbach Plastic Surgery will select a silicone gel implant. Our surgeons insert the implant behind the chest muscle, this ensures a softer more natural feel after surgery.

Breast Augmentation Tampa Bay

Selecting a Gel Breast Implant

At Eberbach Plastic Surgery we are proud to use Natrelle® Inspira Gummy Bear Gel implants. No two women are the same, therefore, Natrelle® Gel offers multiple sizes and projections. Although all designed for a soft natural feel. Gummy describes the consistency of the silicone gel in Natrelle INSPIRA® Breast Implants. This gummy-like gel sticks together and holds its shape.

Each implant in the collection has a different level of cohesivity, the Gummy Bear implant being the most cohesive. SoftTouch implants are becoming a very popular choice at our practice followed in popularity by responsive gel implants. We have samples of all the implants in the office. So that patients can feel and see for themselves which they prefer.

If you are looking through our photo gallery you may notice letters next to the number of cc’s. Those tell you what implant the patient has. However, if the 2nd letter is “R” that means that the patient got the responsive gel implant, the “gummy”. Additionally, if the 2nd letter is “S” that means the patient got the SoftTouch implants which are the “gummier”. The same goes for the Cohesive.

Breast Augmentation Tampa Bay - Breast Implants

Implant Profiles

The profile of a breast implant refers to how much an implant projects forward from the chest wall when standing. Implants of the same size (cc volume) that have different widths. The smaller the width of the implant, the more projection it has. Inspira Implants are available in several different profiles including low profile, moderate profile, and full profile. The most common profiles we use at Eberbach Plastic Surgery are full and moderate profiles.

Full profile implants, the same as high profile in other brands. However, they are more forward-projecting than a moderate profile with a narrower base. We use full profile implants often in women who have a narrow chest. The moderate profile has a wider diameter and doesn’t project forward as far as the full profile does. Don’t stress, we will help make this decision simple at your consultation. Your coordinator can toggle between the full profile and moderate to show you the differences.

The Keller Funnel

We use the Keller Funnel for every breast augmentation surgery. With this technique, we can reduce the risk of infection, and post-operative pain with smaller incisions. The Keller Funnel looks a lot like a frosting bag to decorate a cake with. The funnel comes packaged sterile as a single-use device with a hydrophilic coating.

When hydrated, it becomes very slippery and enables any implant. Smooth round, textured, and anatomical to pass gently through the Funnel into the surgical pocket. The Keller Funnel designed to assist in delivering silicone gel implants. Lastly, by reducing friction during the insertion of the implant. Finally, it provides a smoother shell-tissue interface. Further, the Keller Funnel allows us to use a no-touch sterile approach during surgery.

How do Surgeons Perform the Surgery?

Breast augmentation performed under general anesthesia at our certified surgical facility or a surgery center, most prefer our facility. It takes about 30 minutes in the or to perform this procedure with patients going home the same day. Below you can watch a video of our surgeon performing this surgery from start to finish. Warning: Graphic Content.

Recovery After Having a Breast Augmentation

Most patients return to work for a “desk job” in a few short days. Our average patient will have surgery on a Thursday returning to work Monday. Some patients prefer to take a full week off while others will return after 2 days. Though, it varies from patient to patient. Patients will often describe the “pain” as a tight/pressure feeling, similar to milk coming in while pregnant. Strenuous activity, such as the gym can resumed 3 weeks after having surgery.

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