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Laparoscopic Sleeve

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG), also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG), reduces the stomach size by about 85%. Furthermore, it limits food intake and decreases hunger-inducing hormones. Particularly, ghrelin, produced in the removed stomach section. Consequently, patients feel fuller sooner and less hungry, leading to lower calorie consumption.

Laparoscopic Sleeve – Procedure Overview

Laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery in Tampa Bay, FL, takes up to 2 hours under general anesthesia. Firstly, the surgeon makes about 5 small incisions in the upper abdomen to access the stomach. Then, he removes 70-80% of the stomach, shaping the remainder like a banana, and sutures it together. Finally, it permanently reduces stomach size, limiting meal portions.

Laparoscopic Sleeve – Before and After Transformation

Following the correct diet after the procedure in Tampa Bay, FL, can lead to losing over 60% of excess weight. Moreover, maintaining healthy eating habits ensures long-term success. However, the key to lasting results is commitment to behavior modification and dietary compliance. Ultimately, the patient’s dedication determines the procedure’s success.

Laparoscopic Sleeve | Weight Loss Procedure (Before)
Laparoscopic Sleeve | Weight Loss Procedure (After)

Who is a Good Candidate for the Procedure?

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) is ideal for patients with a BMI over 30. Additionally, it can help manage or prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and heart disease. Calculate your BMI to see if this procedure is right for you.

Laparoscopic Sleeve – Important Considerations

The LSG is generally safe. Risks include general anesthesia, bleeding, leakage (<1%), transfusion (<0.5%), re-operation (<0.2%), and rare vitamin and mineral deficiencies after 12 months. Besides this, Sleeve gastrectomy can protect against serious weight-related diseases. However, if your BMI is over 35-40, this procedure may help reduce the risk of:

  • Sleep Apnea.
  • Hypertension.
  • Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Acid Reflux or GERD.
  • Elevated Cholesterol.
  • Cardiovascular Disease.

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy – Cost

This is a self-pay, all-inclusive price. Costs vary based on insurance, health status, and additional resources used. We offer financing options for qualified customers. The price includes not just the product but also the expertise of the specialist performing the procedure. For details on procedure cost and ongoing promotion, contact or call us at (727) 868-4490.

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