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Body Lift

Dramatic weight loss, weight fluctuation, or natural aging frequently result in sagging skin in areas below the waistline. The lower body lift procedure or belt lipectomy tightens and sculpts the buttocks. Further back of the thighs, outer thighs, inner thighs, hips, and abdomen. Additionally, loose skin that looks aesthetically displeasing or causes mobility restrictions removed.

However, a lower body lift is appropriate. If you are near your ideal body weight, You may precede or follow an upper body lift procedure. Every year, thousands of people undergo successful lower-body-lift surgery and pleased with the results.

Body Lift Procedure - Before and After Transformations

Body Lift Procedure
Body Lift Procedure

When to Consider a Lower Body Lift Procedure?

The lower body lift procedure is an excellent option. Particularly, for those who want to treat excess skin, stubborn fat deposits, and redefine body contours. You should consider undergoing the belt lipectomy procedure if:

  • You distressed by sagging skin in your lower body.

  • You have excess, sagging skin following pregnancy.

  • You discouraged by loose skin around your arms, chest, or waist.

  • You have had dramatic weight loss due to bariatric surgery or dieting.

  • You have “back rolls” or rolls of fat around the edges of your lower back.

  • You recently underwent massive weight loss through natural means or bariatric surgery.

  • You have relatively thin layers of fat below the skin in the hip, thigh, abdomen, and buttock areas.

  • You have overhanging skin in your lower body that restricts your mobility and/or causes painful chafing, rashes, or infection.

As a matter of fact, upper-body-lift surgery may consist of one or several procedures. Such as an upper arm lift, breast lift (or gynecomastia), or surgery to remove fat rolls along the back. Importantly loose, sagging skin resulting from dramatic weight loss. Even so, after liposuction remove. To create a tighter and smoother contour. Eventually, improving your profile leads to renewed self-confidence.

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