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My Breast Augmentation Journey | From Consultation, Surgery Day to Recovery

My Breast Augmentation Journey

My breast augmentation journey starts with a virtual consultation.  Scheduling consultation for breast-related procedures often the hardest step. Greetings, my name is Leah, and I am one of the Patient Coordinators at Eberbach Plastic Surgery. I was a patient myself about 9 years ago. I understand how scary it is to think about your consultation. Though, I was a nervous wreck. But pleasantly surprised by the reception I received from Eberbach staff. It made me feel comfortable and helped me open up about discussing the procedure. Our goal is to make this experience as easy and comfortable as possible. In this blog post, I am going to go over what to expect when you come in for your consultation. And also tell you about my personal experience.

Why I Chose Breast Augmentation?

I had wanted a breast augmentation since I was 15 years old. My Mom assured me that my breasts would grow. But when I turned 22 years old they were still flat as a board. I had contemplated going to a consultation for a few years but my modesty kept me from making an appointment. At my previous job, we were shooting a Wing House commercial and I felt jealous of the model’s ample bosoms! On the way home I heard a commercial for Eberbach Plastic Surgery (a division of IBI Healthcare Insitute). It was fate. So I mustered up my courage and scheduled a consultation for a breast augmentation! I am so glad I did it. The only regret I can think of that I should have done it sooner.

Breast Augmentation Journey – Consultation Process

When I arrived at the consultation, greeted by a smiling face. I escorted into the consultation room where I received basic information. Able to view and feel all the different types of implants. I liked the cohesive gel style and pleased that they felt very much like natural breast tissue to me. The saline implants felt a little too firm for me.

We discussed recovery. I was concerned I would have to take a few weeks off from my job. After all, it was not feasible for me. My coordinator assured me most patients with a desk job can return to work in just a few days! I was also concerned about the pain after the surgery. My coordinator told me the feeling was very much like a strenuous chest workout after going to the gym. I thought I could handle that.

Breast Augmentation Journey – Consultation Process

I then saw the 3-D imaging machine. This machine takes an actual 3-D photograph of me where I can see how different implants look on my body. I slipped into a cloth gown and stood in front of the machine. Took my gown off and we took the photo. I learned that implants come prefilled in different sizes measured in cc’s. For example, someone who is five feet tall may only need a 350 cc implant. To further achieve a 2-cup size increase. Whereas a five-foot-eight-inch woman like myself might need a 450 cc implant. We tried on different sizes via the 3-D machine. Finally, when I saw the 421 cc size, I knew that was the size for me! It was so helpful and amazing to view the different implants and how they would look.

Breast Augmentation Journey – Choosing the Right Surgeon

Next, Dr. Eberbach entered the room and he made me feel comfortable as he did some measurements. I was very concerned about the implants being proportionate to my body. I did not want to look top-heavy. He explained the base dimension was a key factor in which size would fit my body. Further, he asked if I liked more forward projection or more upper pole fullness. We selected the moderate profile which is a wider implant. That gives me more upper pole fullness resulting in more upper cleavage.

Dr. Eberbach showed me photos of several actual patients who resembled my anatomy which helped validate my final implant choice. I felt so comfortable and loved what it would look like that I scheduled my surgery that very day. I left a 500 dollar deposit to lock in the first available date. Subsequently, which happened to be 2 days before Thanksgiving.

Breast Augmentation – Pre-Surgery Preparation

Pre-op set up two weeks before surgery. This consisted of going over consent forms, answering any remaining questions I had, and taking pre-op photos. I set the countdown timer on my phone. Surgery day could not come soon enough. I was so excited.

Breast Augmentation – The Surgical Experience

Day of Surgery

Surgery day was finally here. I was so excited and nervous that I barely slept the night before. I arrived and escorted into the surgical suite connected to the main building. After putting on my gown and head bonnet, I introduced to my anesthesiologist.

Surgical Procedure

Then my IV inserted. I relaxed and watched TV until Dr. Eberbach came in smiling. Gently mark the area where the implants would inserted. On the lighter side, took several selfies during this process. After hopping up on the surgical table, the anesthesiologist asked me where I wanted to go on my sleep vacation. I told her I wanted to go to Hawaii with a group of good-looking cabana boys. While I was thinking about the cabana boys, I drifted off to sleep.

Recovery Period

The next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room. I stayed about an hour in the recovery room. Laster asked the nurse for a mirror so I could admire my new additions. They were very high and swollen but the nurse assured me. They would be in the correct place after the swelling went down. And you know what? She was right! I slept on and off on the drive home but felt no pain. That night I felt a pressure in my chest. I did take half a pain pill just in case.

Results and Reflection

I did not like the way the pain pill made me feel so after that I just took Tylenol. The hardest thing for me that night was sleeping on my back since I am a fetal position sleeper. The day after surgery I was up and moving around but was at half speed. The next day was Thanksgiving and I felt fine to go to the celebration with my extended family. My breasts were still high and swollen so I wore a looser shirt. The swelling lasted about six weeks and the implants began to drop and settle perfectly. After that, it was smooth sailing. I returned to work with my new boobs the following Monday after my surgery.

Final Thoughts

I liked Eberbach Plastic Surgery so much that I ended up working there! As a patient coordinator, I now have the privilege of helping thousands of women on their journey of transformation. Check out our Before and After Gallery.

Be part of our community, and let’s share positivity and insights.

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